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Video Deposition

Video Depositions are an invaluable part of today’s computerized courtroom.  The video deposition has perhaps become the most powerful tool a trial attorney can have at his disposal during discovery and at trial.  Videotaped depositions capture compelling testimony which cannot be seen on a transcript.  The video testimony of a witness can show a wide range of emotions, helping you make a stronger, more persuasive case.
A sharp picture, steady camera, and clean audio are essential when recording video depositions. You have one shot to get it right.  This can only be achieved with the use of high quality equipment and a well trained certified legal videographer who is always prepared for covering your video depositions. Our goal is to assure that the testimony made before the camera will be equally effective before a jury.

Site Survey (Accident Reconstruction)

We work with litigators and experts to recreate accidents based on individual case details and requirement. An Accident Reconstruction video is an effective way to clearly present what transpired in an accident. Using professional camera equipment and data from numerous sources the accident is re-enacted.  Reconstructions may be captured on video or created through animation and can include evidence photographs, police reports, and professional voice-over.

Day in the Life

A Day-in-the-Life video is the most effective way to demonstrate the plaintiff’s physical injury and actual damages. Our trained, seasoned videographers make sure you’re capturing the whole story.  We show the victim's day-to-day life, convey their moving words, and tell their stories in a way other evidence simply cannot.  

Emotion often plays a significant role when determining a verdict.  The primary goal of the Day-in-the-Life video is to accurately record the daily routine of the plaintiff, capturing the difficulties of performing everyday tasks that are often taken for granted. The elements of pain, suffering, mental fatigue, and future medical costs, often are the most challenging aspects of a case for legal counsel to visualize and nothing captures that in a more profound way than video. Video is “living proof” that accurately shows the life of your plaintiff.

Wrongful Death

Document Signing (Will & Trust)


Focus Group and Mock Trial Recording


Settlement & Mediation

Video Encoding

We can encode and convert your video file to your desired format. We can also convert and enhance surveillance video footage, web videos and other non-standard formats.

Focus Group and Mock Trial Recording

We provide complete editing services using state of the art production equipment for creating clips and presentation materials.  We can also convert and enhance surveillance video footage, web videos and other non-standard formats.

Focus Group and Mock Trial Recording

Video & Audio enhancement is a process of cleaning up poorly recorded audio pr video. The result is improved quality and intelligibility for use at trial or to be transcribed by a court reporter.

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